Tarkine National Park

Save the Tarkine have produced a proposal for a Tarkine National Park for North-West Tasmania, that would fully protect the Tarkine region.

This park would protect the outstanding values of the Tarkine, would create an important natural corridor that links the Tarkine to Tasmania’s existing World Heritage area, and would provide for the rehabilitation of some of the parts of the Tarkine that have been damaged by environmentally destructive activities.

A Tarkine National Park would greatly boost Tasmania’s tourism industry, adding to natural icons in other parts of the State, like Cradle-Mountain, the Gordon River, and Freycinet. For example, a recent latent demand economic analysis commissioned by the Cradle-Coast Authority, and put together by EMDA in conjunction with Moore Consulting, found that under a preferred scenario, with the right planning and appropriate public investment, the Tarkine has the potential to deliver $58.2 million in annual tourism spending and support over 1100 jobs in North-West Tasmania by 2017.

Please feel free to download a Precis’ of the proposal for a Tarkine National Park here, with maps of the Tarkine National Park located here. Click here to find out how you can help.

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A refuge for the Devil

The Tarkine is the home to the last disease free population of the Tasmanian Devil. The Tasmanaian Devil is being pushed to extinction by the fatal Devil Facial Tumour Disease. This disease has been estimated to have killed 80% of the Tasmanian Devil population in the past decade. As such the habitat of the Tarkine is critical to survival of this iconic species in the wild. Threats such as mining, logging and roading place the future of the Devil at risk.

New mines for the Tarkine?

New mines are being proposed for the Tarkine, and the campaign to prevent this onslaught of destruction is heating up. Many of these mines are Pilbara style open cut mines. Early successes in this campaign have seen off mine proposals at Keith River, Riley Creek and Nelson Bay River, but Venture Minerals are intending to press ahead with their proposed tin mine at Mt Lindsay. We will continue the fight to prevent this tragedy.